Dove Grey Marble Tray

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The Dove Grey Marble Tray is ideal for your bathroom toiletries, on your table as a centre-piece and as a dresser valet near the entrance of your home. Handcrafted out of natural marble, each piece has subtle differences in texture which makes it unique.

*The Dove Grey design is The Marble People’s signature design

Dimensions ( Length x Width x Height ) = 30cm x 15cm x 4 cm
Clean only with water and soap

5 ways to use a natural marble tray for your home in Singapore


Living Room

You can place a marble tray in your living room on top of your coffee table to help you organize your things better. You can keep your candles, coasters, candles and even your reading glasses or TV remote controls on the marble tray. This way you know where to look for your things easily with your marble tray as the go-to-place.

Dining Room

Like the dining room, you can place the marble tray on the dining table to help you keep things organized and neat. You can easily keep your salt shakers, napkins, and flowers on the marble tray. With a large marble tray, you can easily move them around when you have more guest or are looking to clean the dining table.


One of the most common places for the marble tray is the bathroom. With many bath essentials lying around the washbasin, a marble tray can be the place to organize your hand soap, toothbrush/toothpaste holder, shaver and even your glasses or contact lenses. With the natural marble, you can be sure that the marble finishing will mature in texture and colouring as time goes on giving it a classic elegant look.


For us who likes to cook, we would have many ingredients and herbs plus utensils to keep organised. You can keep some commonly used ingredients such as salt, oils, turmeric, coriander, pepper, sauces, vinegar in one convenient spot- that is in the tray. Apart from these, you can place pots of indoor herbs in the tray so that they are always on hand and let you add flavour in the food while cooking.


Whilst not commonly used in the bedroom, we realize that the bedroom may be one of the rooms within the house that can make use of a marble tray. You can easily keep your makeup, perfume and even jewellery to keep things organized.

2 reviews for Dove Grey Marble Tray

  1. Miranda

    It was huge and beautiful, a lovely display for your dressing tables if it is big enough! The colour is gorgeous and exactly what i was looking for.

  2. Christopher Yee

    Simple in love with the natural design and grain on this marble tray. Used it on my tinted glass coffee table to put my remotes and keys and it’s perfect!

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