Dining Table

Buying the perfect natural marble table for your house in Singapore (2020)

Your dining table is a special place for your home in Singapore. When you consider the importance of a special place for the family to gather round for precious catch-ups and delicious meals after a long day at work, a house simply isn’t a home without the right dining furniture set.

Luciano Pavarotti, one of world’s most successful tenor believed, “One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” We share his views when we speak of eating as a daily ritual and not a simple way of sustaining one’s life.

So, we are here to help you find the perfect dining table for your home.

Natural marble table-tops are always the chosen table-top for the luxuriously decorated dining rooms. Natural marble table-tops have always been considered to be expensive and as a result, faux (cultured or man-made) marble table tops becomes the next choice. However, they don’t look or feel nearly as good.

Natural marble’s beauty will last for generations and will maintain it’s beautiful look for years. As it’s natural, you are guaranteed to have a unique piece in your house. Natural marble furniture has always been scarce in Singapore due to its high price and retail shops are not willing to carry many fancy units.

Natural marble tables cost upwards of $1,500 for a 1.4m table whilst a man-made marble table will only cost few hundred dollars. Furthermore, the natural marble tables are never in stock and are “custom-made” which will take about 3-5 weeks for delivery.

The Marble People is here to provide affordable (prices comparable to man-made marble furniture) and we have ready stock available for delivery within 24 hours. We are also creating an experience centre in Kallang, Singapore where you are able to check out the marble furniture yourself. You can even choose your desired table on the spot at our 1000+ square feet experience centre.

We are launching in August 2020 and we will be having a very special launch promotion via Facebook Live. We will be announcing more details within the next few weeks. Be sure to like our Facebook page so that you don’t miss out on this special deal.


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