The Marble People

Luxury Natural Marble Furniture

“Why pay so much for quality, natural marble furniture?” That is our motto.

 Celebrate fine living with The Marble People without burning a hole in your pocket. For decades, the furniture industry has relied on repetitive product lines, inefficient supply chains, and gimmicky marketing tactics.

We’ve long struggled with marble tables that are either man-made or natural marble furniture at a very expensive price.

 That’s why we’re building natural marble furniture for your house; dining room, living room and bedroom.

Direct from quarry to your house, without the retail middle man

By delivering our natural marble furniture directly to you, we are able to remove all retail markups and over 70% of standard shipping costs. That’s over a few thousands in marble furniture savings for you.

Natural marble that are long-lasting

Each piece of The Marble People’s furniture is crafted from natural marble. It might just become your next heirloom.

The in-stock natural marble furniture

Don’t wait 3-5 weeks for your marble furniture, The Marble People already have the furniture in stock. We can deliver it to you as soon as you make your order.

Meet our founders

The founders of The Marble People are marble experts with the experience of managing marble quarries around South East Asia.
The founders are passionate about bringing affordable natural marble furnitures directly to your home.
We provide a 1-1 exchange for the marble furniture if you are unhappy with the set on delivery. We will also provide a 30-days money-back guarantee, no questions asked.