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24 designs of natural marbles

We have 24 different types of natural marbles in stock in Singapore. You can get a different marble furniture shopping experience with The Marble People. Come and select your preferred dining table top and get it delivered to you the next working day.

ย 24 Marble types to choose from :

Honey Beige, Pallandro, Giallo Perlato, Black Marquina, Volakas, Bianco Arabescato, Carrara Gioia, Statuario, Granite Volga Blue, Black Shell, Granite Teakwood, Carrara CD, Granite Drogan Red, Rosso Corora , Pietra Grigio, Pallisandro Classic, Granite Fantasy Blue, Roja Sultan, Granite Azul Bahia, Nestos Beige, Oniciana, Dove grey, Black Forest.

100% natural mARBLE

Unique Masterpiece for your Home

The probability of having a similarity in natural marble is extremely small, so you will never find any overlap that exists in natural Marble.

You are guaranteed a unique masterpiece in your home every time you buy a natural marble furniture for your home in Singapore.

The Marble People gives you the piece of mind that you are buying a natural marble table.

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